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Our company will provide you with comprehensive services in the field of personnel counseling,training, employment mediation, accommodation and transport at the place of your work. We are among the top personnel companies in this sector in Slovakia and Europe. We helped a huge number of job seekers in their career and also with the corresponding application in this industry.

Long years of experience with the European and world markets, where we collaborate with a multiple subjects allow us to meet your expectations in a fast time. Our main goal is your satisfaction. Priorities in our services are: - professionality, - discreetnes and - ethics. If you are looking for above- standard paid work at home or abroad and you need some advice, don´t hesitate to contact us 24/7 by e-mail and 5 days in week by telephone.

Work as a dancer, masseues, lady- companions, hostess...

There is no doubt you have ever asked yourself a question about this kind of services and money. Therefore, it makes no sense to enforce you into something or persuade you.

Would you like to earn extra money? If your answer is „yes“ – I want to be financially independent – this is exactly what you have been looking for. It is not important whether you are a young girl, a student or a mature woman at all. What counts is – being financially independent and able to afford almost anything you deserve. Someone goes to this work because of money, for someone else, this work can also be a start to a whole new life. If you want to work in this direction – we are the best choice for you!

You don´t know how to start?

Have you ever wondered about something similar? Would you like to try it but you don´t know how or where to start?

We are pleased to help you find answers to your questions. Do you want to work for yourself and you don´t know how? We cooperate with businesses that will give you helping hand and solve this issue. We will help you build a career that will get you to a higher level.

Are you still in doubt?

„Our services for your satisfaction.“

SexAgent.eu is one of the best-performing and growing companies that, among other things, helps to mediate eork in clubs, studios, bars and another businesses across the whole Europe and the UAE. The best job offers in Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Dubai and other countries.

If you decide to lead an above-average life, join us, we have worked with a lot of clients – everytime maximum discretion, great approach and of course the highest offers of earnings. Many of the girls want only a change and they already know this job and services. We will make sure everything runs according of our values, principles and policy and we will just help you with everything!

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Do you have an idea and do you think we can help you? Write to us and we can agree. You want to work for yourself and you don't know how? We work with businesses that will also be happy to help you solve this problem. We'll build a career that moves you to a higher level.